Navarre Municipal Parking Lot

The Navarre area is the major commercial center for Orono, providing parking for neighborhood retail and service businesses. In previous planning efforts, the municipal parking lot had been identified as a potential home for future public gathering space with facilities for tents, bands, and vendors.
 The parking lot needs new surfacing and striping, providing an opportunity to engage the community about their vision for this area. In the summer of 2021, the City solicited comments from the community to hear what their vision is for the municipal parking lot from small scale changes that can be incorporated into a future resurfacing project to large scale capital changes that would require more long-term implementation strategies. 

From these comments, a plan to address as many goals as possible was developed. These goals primarily included:  

                Maximize the number of parking spaces;

                Provide required parking for park, trail, and bus users;

                Provide for code compliant parking spaces and drive aisles;

                Improve safety, both from a lighting and a cut-through traffic perspective;

                Provide truck loading and unloading for area businesses.

Plan features

The parking lot plan features 110 parking spaces, an increase over the 104 spaces now.  The paces are angled, which does require directional traffic, as indicated by painted arrows.  Primary access is via Shadywood Road.  The entrance off of Shoreline Drive west of Lulu's pizzeria is two-way to serve that building. New lighting is proposed, as is electrical and water services to accommodate future goals.   

Request for comment & contact information 

The city is requesting your comment.  Please submit comments in writing by email to Jeremy Barnhart or send comments by mail to 2750 Kelley Parkway, Orono, MN 55356.