Comprehensive Plan Documents

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF)

Map 1-1 (PDF) : Orono’s Location in the Region

Chapter 2 Community Management Plan Foundation (PDF)

Chapter 3A Environmental Protection Plan (PDF)

Appendix. Maps

Map 3A-1 (PDF) : Lake Minnetonka

Map 3A-2 (PDF) : Wetlands and Drainageways

Map 3A-3 (PDF) : Soil Associations

Map 3A-4 (PDF) : MLCCS Level 1 Land Cover

Map 3A-5 (PDF) : Flood Map

Map 3A-6 (PDF) : Shoreland Overlay

Chapter 3B General Land Use (PDF)

Appendix I Maps

Map 3B-1 (PDF) : Urban and Rural Areas

Map 3B-2 (PDF) : Existing Land Use

Map 3B-2B (PDF) : Existing Land Use-Navarre Area

Map 3B-3 (PDF) : Proposed Land Use

Map 3B-3B (PDF) : Proposed Land Use Navarre Area

Map 3B-4 (PDF) : Planned Development Areas

Appendix II Navarre Area Plan (PDF)

Chapter 3C Housing (PDF)

Chapter 4A Transportation (PDF)


A. TAZ Zones

B. Map T-1 (PDF) : Existing Functional Class

C. Map T-2 (PDF) : Existing Jurisdiction

D. Map T-3 (PDF) : TAZ zones

E. Map T-4 (PDF) : Existing Traffic Volume

F. Map T-5 (PDF) : ADT

G. Map T-6 (PDF) : Existing non-motorized facilities

H. Map T-7 (PDF) : Existing and Planned Transit Infrastructure

I. Map T-8 (PDF) : Metropolitan Freight Systems

Chapter 4B Sewer Plan (PDF)


A. MCES Facility Map (PDF)

B. Orono Sanitary Sewer Maps (PDF)


D. Orono Ordinances Related to Waste Water (PDF)

E. Discharge Ordinance (PDF)

Chapter 4C Water Supply (PDF)

Appendix 1. Figures / Maps

Appendix 2. MnDNR Local Water Supply Template Submission

 Chapter 4D Public Services Plan (PDF)


A. Map 4F-1 (PDF) : School District Boundaries

B. Map 4F-2 (PDF) : Telephone Service Areas

C. Map 4F-3 (PDF) : Electric Service Areas

Chapter 4E Parks, Trails, and Open Space (PDF)


A. Parks and Trails Map (PDF)

B. Lake Access Map (PDF)

C. Park Details (PDF)

D. Lake Access Point Listing (PDF)

Chapter 5 Plan Implementation (PDF)


A. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

B. Zoning Map

Complete Comprensive Plan Document (PDF)