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Election Judge Application

  1. I will work as an election judge for

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    Note: Must be Available to Work On-Call, As-Needed; During City Hall Office Hours

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  4. Paid Position Avaliability

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  6. Party Affiliation

    Minnesota Law defines “Member of a Major Political Party” as a person who: - Supports the general principles of a political party as stated in that party’s constitution - Voted for a majority of that party’s candidates in the last General Election - Intends to vote for a majority of that party’s candidates in the next General Election.

  7. Please indicate your political party affiliation.

    Individuals applying to be election judges need to declare their party affiliation, if they are affiliated with a major party. State Law requires that no more than half of the judges in a precinct may be from the same party; and judges from two different major political parties are required to perform certain election duties.

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