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Lowry Woods Nature Conservation Area

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This park does not have a designated address. It is accessible only via the Luce Line Trail and is located approximately 1000 yards east of McCulley Road (County Road 19). Signage to Lowry Woods can be found on the Luce Line Trail. The entrance to the Woods is via a path off the Luce Line.


This passive nature area is a beautiful 15 acre woodland. It is part of the original Orono "Big Woods" and was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Lowry in 1965.

The upper plateau consists of 100-year-old red oaks, sugar maples, and hickory and ash trees with smaller maples under the canopy of the larger trees. A deep gully exists on the east edge and the main lot slopes toward the Luce Line which borders the park on the north. This slope contains large aspen, ironwood and basswood trees. There is a viewing bench at the entrance to the woods.

Parking is available at the Orono lot on the west side of McCulley Road where it meets the Luce Line Trail.
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