Walters Port Watermain Replacement

The City of Orono has hired a contractor to replace the water main servicing Walters Port Road.   Following the replacement of the water main the Roadway owner will be repaving the road. 

What does the work entail?

The project consists of the replacement of approximately 800 feet of water main, 2 fire hydrants, 4 valves and curb stop reconnections.  A temporary water main will provide water to residents during construction. See the image to the right for a visual representation of the project.

Why are we undertaking the project?

The water main servicing this area is a cast iron pipe that was installed in the 1970s.  The area has experienced some water main breaks in recent years indicating the pipe is at the end of its service life.   Further the owner of Walter Port Road notified the city of a plan to replace the road pavement in 2021.  

Points of Contact:

Project Inspector
Luke Connor (507) 995-0465

Project Engineer
Jeff Weyandt (612) 599-2829