Old Long Lake Road Ravine Stabilization Project

Project Scope. To repair the ravine, the proposed design will include a stable cross-section, installation of limestone grade control weirs with plunge pools, and planting of deep rooting native vegetation.

Background. Over the years erosion has led to the development of a ravine with in Summit Beach Park leading into Long Lake from Old Long Lake Road. The existing ravine is approximately 500’ long that has eroded to a depth of approximately 10 feet. This erosion contributes to increased sediment and phosphorus loads and reduced dissolved oxygen in runoff, and is extremely detrimental to water quality of Long Lake. The stabilization of this ravine has been on the City’s Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) from 2011. Due to difficult access the project has yet to be undertaken. Phase 2 of the CSAH 122 turn back project provides an ideal opportunity to access the ravine and complete the necessary work. The road project includes a rebuilding of the drainage structures including the culvert that directly feed the ravine. Since the road project will already be impacting the slopes immediately above the ravine, accessing the ravine with the necessary equipment will cause minimal additional impacts if the two projects are synchronized. These improvements will greatly reduce total suspended solids and phosphorus loads to Long Lake. 

Project plan set is attached below.

October 2017                           City council Approved Engineering and Design by Bolton and Menk, Inc.
June 2018                                Project was awarded to Schnieder Construction
September-November 2018     Construction