Development Projects

Development Proposals

The City Council recently approved the following development Proposals

Orono Senior Housing.  A 70 unit Senior, Assisted, and Memory Care Facility is proposed for 2635 Kelley Parkway.  

Orono Apartment.  A 56 unit market rate apartment building is proposed for 2745 Kelley Parkway.   

Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The City Council and Planning Commission continually reviews city ordinances to ensure they further the goals of the community. The City has recently passed and is currently reviewing many proposed ordinances, including the following:

Pending Zoning Ordinance Amendments

  • Accessory structure setbacks
  • Subdivision requirements
  • Sign Regulations
  • Septic Regulations, to be consistent with State of Minnesota and Hennepin County Standards

Recently Approved Zoning Ordinance Amendments (continued)

Person Watercraft regulations on Long Lake

Fees - The application fees for zoning applications (Variances, Conditional Use Permits, subdivisions, etc.) was reduced.

Setbacks in non-conforming lots - (17-3925) An Ordinance was approved on July 10 reducing the side yard setbacks for many non-conforming lots, and the side street setbacks. The goal with these changes is to reduce the need for a variance.

Zone change for Public Schools - (17-3941) The City Council approved an ordinance that establishes schools as a permitted use in the RR-1B zoning district, if the lot is greater than 15 acres. The intent here is to eliminate the need for the school district to get a conditional use permit for every minor improvement. Sports lighting would require a conditional use permit.

Accessory Structures in side yard setbacks - (17-3894) This ordinance allows small planters, retaining walls, and similar structures less than 2 feet in height within the setback.

Structural Coverage - (17-3896) Structural coverage limits have been adjusted for lots between 10,000 sq ft and 2 acres, allowing 20% structural coverage. For lots less than 10,000 sq ft, structural coverage limits is raised to 2,000 sq ft. Also, what is considered "structural coverage" was adjusted, to only include roofed structures.