Damage From Snowplows


Occasionally, snow plowing will result in damage to mailboxes. 

The City will repair the damage or replace a mailbox, only if the mailbox and its supporting posts are properly located behind the curb line or along the edge of the street and if damage is the result of actual contact by the snow plow. 

Replacement Mailboxes

A standard design mail box will be used for replacements; the City will not replace decorative mail boxes. 

Property owners who install decorative materials in the right-of-way do so at their own risk. The City will not assume responsibility for damages that are caused by mailboxes that protrude into the street or are damaged simply by snow pressure or snow rolling off the plow or wing.

Mailboxes on County & Private Roads

If damage is done to a mailbox on a County Road by the county snowplows, you must contact Hennepin County to have this issue resolved.

If damage is done to a mailbox on a Private Road, you must contact your homeowners association or person in charge in your neighborhood for snow removal.


To file a complaint, please contact the Public Works Department during normal business hours.

Disagreements on Complaints

In instances where there is disagreement as to the damage and the responsibilities of a complaint, the Administration Department or Police Department may determine the responsibility.