Streetlights provide us with a certain level of safety in our neighborhoods. If you notice a street light is out, please follow the procedures for the appropriate light.

Metal Poles

Call the Orono Public Works Department during business hours.

Wooden Poles

Contact Xcel Energy between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or file an online report.

Park Maintenance

Most of our park maintenance is contracted out, but if you notice something that needs to be taken care of, please contact our Public Works Department.


Potholes can be very dangerous and hard on your vehicle. If you notice a pothole on a road in Orono, please contact us immediately.

If the pothole is on a county road, please contact Hennepin County at 612-596-0299.

If the pothole is on a private road, it must be fixed by the homeowners association or group in charge of maintaining these roads. Unfortunately, the City doesn't track this information.

Street / Traffic Signs & Signals


Occasionally, we will get a call that a street sign has been damaged or removed. If you notice a missing sign, please contact us immediately! A missing sign can be very dangerous if an emergency vehicle could not find the location of your home.

If you notice any other types of traffic or parking signs that have been tampered with that could cause unsafe driving conditions, please contact us immediately!

Traffic Signals

If you see problems with the traffic signal at the intersection of County Road 15 and County Road 19, call Hennepin County Public Works Department at 612-596-0299.

If you notice problems with traffic signals along Highway 12, call the Orono Public Works Department.

Street Sweeping

The Orono Public Works Department sweeps the street in the spring and at other times, on an as needed basis, if there has been an accident or storm damage or heavy construction. 

If you notice a lot of debris in your area and need the streets swept, please don't hesitate to call our Public Works Department.

Street Sweeping & Water Quality

Street sweeping has come to be a regarded as an important element in maintaining urban area water quality. 

Sand flushed into the streams, ponds and lakes carries heavy metals, phosphorus and nitrogen along with it. Organic matter like grass, leaves and pet waste decreases overall water quality and clarity by providing nutrients for microbial and algae growth.