Sewer Backups

If you experience any kind of sewer backup, stop using any water immediately!

Determining Sewer Line Blockage vs. Sewer Service Blockage

Sewer Line Blockage

If you are not using any water and the sewer backup levels keep rising, the blockage is in the City sewer line. 

In this case, contact the Public Works Department immediately to report a blockage in the City sewer line. After business hours, call dispatch at 952-258-5321 to report the problem.

Sewer Service Blockage

If you are not using any water and the sewer backup level stops rising, the blockage is between the house and the City sewer line in the street or your yard. 

In many lakeshore areas, the City sewer line is located in the yard between the house and the lake. In this case, you will need to contact a sewer cleaning service (check local yellow pages or online) to clear the blockage in the service line.

Please notify the City if you have had a sewer cleaning service clear a blockage in your sewer service line. The cleaning of a blockage in your service line may cause a blockage in the City sewer line when the debris is pushed from the service line into the City sewer line.

Coverage for Damage Due to Sewer Backups

Most homeowner insurance policies will not cover a sewer backup without sewer backup coverage. Sewer backup coverage is usually available for a nominal additional cost on your homeowners insurance policy.

The City will not cover damages unless it was proven that the City was negligent in maintaining its system. The City recommends you consider obtaining a rider that would cover such damage if it would occur.